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If you want to go with such a long word, `list/false' is not longer,
but maybe clearer. Why don't you like `->list*'?

Because "*" has no fixed meaning in Lisp; it's like the use of ' or _ in Haskell as the equivalent of mathematical prime.  Prime is useful in local scope, but not very helpful at all in global scope.  

"/" does for the most part have the meaning of "with".

That's not unfolding, the anamorphism, which `unfold` is supposed to
be by SRFI 1. Anamorphisms have to exhaust their argument (as they
potentially produce streams).

The 'unfold' function is indeed an anamorphism.  However, the unfold protocol need not meet all the requirements of an anamorphism, particularly when it comes to infinite generators.

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