Re: Enum comparisons and value-lookup Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 20 Sep 2020 02:46 UTC

On 2020-09-19 18:12 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
> 1) I've changed the five enum comparison procedures to expect at least 2
> arguments.
> 2) I've added the following enum-set procedures to match SRFI 113: -empty?,
> -disjoint?, <?, >?, <=?, >=?, any?, every?, -count, -filter, -remove.
> 3) I renamed enum-set-collect to enum-set-map->list.
> 4) I'm not convinced of the merits of enum-value->enums yet.
> I'll request a new draft when the implementation catches up.

Great, thanks for making all these changes.

What's the meaning of "It is an error if the members of the result do
not all belong to the same enum type" in the context of enum-set-delete!
and enum-set-delete-all!?  These procedures don't add any elements to
their enum-set arguments.  Is it expected that these procedures will
also check this set argument for consistency?

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