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getenv Marc Feeley (19 May 2001 15:08 UTC)
Re: getenv sperber@xxxxxx (19 May 2001 15:38 UTC)

Re: getenv sperber@xxxxxx 19 May 2001 15:38 UTC

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Feeley <xxxxxx@IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:

Marc> One more comment.  I really think the SRFI will be much more useful
Marc> if you specify a "getenv" procedure, with the following prototype:

Marc> (getenv variable [default-value])

Marc> Variable must be a string naming an environment variable.  The result
Marc> is the value of the environment variable as a string.  If the variable
Marc> does not exist then the default-value is returned if specified,
Marc> otherwise it is an error (an exception is raised or an error is
Marc> signaled).

Martin and I discussed this, but decided against putting it in SRFI
22.  We plan to do separate SRFI on this, and fully expect
implementations which support SRFI 22 to also support that SRFI.  This
way, the environment SRFI can be shared among different operating

Cheers =8-} Mike
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