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Unix command options Per Bothner (09 Mar 2001 01:44 UTC)
Re: Unix command options sperber@xxxxxx (09 Mar 2001 12:36 UTC)

Unix command options Per Bothner 09 Mar 2001 01:55 UTC

Srfi-22 specifies -r5rs, -srfi0, -srfi7, and -call command-line
options.  I can't cite Posix specifically, but my understanding
is that only single-letter options should start with '-'.
The GNU standard is to use '--' to start "long" option names.
I think this is a good, consistent standard, which many people
have been exposed to (e.g. via Linux).  So I suggest using
the options --r5rs --srfi0 --srfi7 and --call instead.
This is less likely to conflict with random single-letter
	--Per Bothner