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single line alternative Marc Feeley (09 Mar 2001 05:16 UTC)
Re: single line alternative Per Bothner (09 Mar 2001 05:43 UTC)

Re: single line alternative Per Bothner 09 Mar 2001 05:54 UTC

Marc Feeley <xxxxxx@IRO.UMontreal.CA> writes:

> Anyway, the point of my message is to request that a space be added
> after the ``#!''.  I think this is valid under UNIX (at least it works
> fine on the many systems I have used).  It allows the reader to
> distinguish the various objects that start with ``#!'' in Gambit:

Or just say that '#!' followed by (optional space and) '/' is the
magic comment (if at the beginning of file).

> The last 3 exist in DSSSL (for marking optional and keyword
> parameters).  #!eof exists also in Chez Scheme.

And in Kawa.

>  Perhaps other Scheme
> implementations have such names (anyone remember #!true and #!false
> from R3RS? or was it RRRS).

#!null is the Java null pointer.
#!void is the same as (values).
	--Per Bothner