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SRFI-22 -- What won't work shivers@xxxxxx (20 Mar 2001 18:01 UTC)
Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work sperber@xxxxxx (20 Mar 2001 18:45 UTC)
Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work Marc Feeley (20 Mar 2001 19:21 UTC)
Script names shivers@xxxxxx (20 Mar 2001 21:52 UTC)
Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work sperber@xxxxxx (21 Mar 2001 08:13 UTC)

Re: SRFI-22 -- What won't work sperber@xxxxxx 20 Mar 2001 18:45 UTC

>>>>> "Olin" == shivers  <> writes:

Olin> * Point one: Sharp-bang is not recursive
Olin> ----------------------------------------
Olin>     From: Marc Feeley <xxxxxx@IRO.UMontreal.CA>
Olin>     Well it could be the executable for the interpreter, but it could also
Olin>     be a shell script that execs the appropriate underlying interpreter
Olin>     (Gambit, Scheme48, etc) after doing some administrative checks (that
Olin>     the user has permission to run the interpreter, logging the use of
Olin>     a Scheme script, or whatever).  For example, I can perfectly imagine
Olin>     Gambit's interpreter to reside in "gsi" and "scheme-script"
Olin>     is a shell script like this

Olin>        #! /bin/sh
Olin>        ... parse command line options BUT DON'T CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT!
Olin>        exec gsi ...

Olin> Unfortunately, Marc, that won't work. It ought to, but it doesn't.

Note that Marc was talking about an issue quite unrelated to what
you're talking about.

The point is well taken, however, that the SRFI should specify that a
script interpreter is a real binary, not a shell script.  Next
revision, I guess.

Olin> While I'm at it, let me remind y'all of another losing feature of Unix'
Olin> lame kernel support for #!.

Note that the SRFI doc is already explicit about this.

Olin> Let's see:
Olin>     /usr/local/bin/scm-ieee-1178-90
Olin> That's 31 characters. Oops.

Olin> My advice: make these program names *short* and highly coded

Suggestion for this specific case?

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, Völkerverständigung und überhaupt blabla