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/usr/bin/env Marc Feeley (23 Mar 2001 15:24 UTC)
Re: /usr/bin/env David Rush (23 Mar 2001 15:36 UTC)
Re: /usr/bin/env Marc Feeley (23 Mar 2001 16:18 UTC)

/usr/bin/env Marc Feeley 23 Mar 2001 15:23 UTC

I just found on an
interesting approach to write the "#!" line of a script.  The idea is
to call up /usr/bin/env, and then it starts the script-interpreter
with the command line arguments:

   #! /usr/bin/env script-interpreter

The advantage I can see is that there is no need to give an absolute
path for the script-interpreter (PATH is searched), and /usr/bin/env
may be a more "standard" path than say
/usr/local/bin/script-interpreter .  It is also probably faster than
the /bin/sh trampoline.

Anybody have experience, or comments about this?  Is /usr/bin/env
"standard" or POSIX?