Psi Calculus Noel Welsh (13 Nov 2001 14:14 UTC)
Re: Psi Calculus Jussi Piitulainen (13 Nov 2001 17:22 UTC)

Psi Calculus Noel Welsh 13 Nov 2001 14:13 UTC

The Psi calculus is a calculus of array manipulation,
analogous to the lambda calculus and functions.  I
think it should be considered as a theoretical basis
for srfi-25.

There aren't many good online references on the
subject.  The best I've found is:


The implications for srfi-25 are fairly minor - it
would basically require adding a few more primitive
operations to the library.  The imperative procedure
array-set! would then be redundant and it will be
possible to do a lot of optimisations on array code
(see, e.g. the SAC papers).

The canonical reference to the psi calculus is L. M.
Restifo Mullin: A Mathematics of Arrays. PhD thesis,
Syracuse University, 1988.  Unfortunately I can't find
this online. :(


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