Re: Too much of a good thing? David Rush 23 Apr 2003 09:17 UTC

Per Bothner <> writes:
> Sergei Egorov wrote:
> > <Flame>
> > I think that most of the operations that generate vectors element-by-element
> > are useless, especially when the performance is the same as in making a list
> > first and then turning it into a vector.
> - which of course is never.

Yeah, you can easily do it *more expensively*.

ISTM that a resizing+copying implementation, while it may win on cache
locality for small vectors, loses on big vectors. First you've got the
problem of doubling the allocation of your million element array when
you're only going to *need* 1100000 elements. Secondly, it's not
entirely clear to me that the cache locality improvement will
compensate for the log2(n)^2 element copies you'll be making along the

IMO, the only reasonable vector constructors require a priori
knowledge of the vector size. I still like and use resizable vectors
(my personal library calls them 'dynamic vectors'), but I'm
intentionally making a space/time tradeof when I use them, and the
time profile is *not* the same as R5RS vectors although they are still
constant-time access.

david rush
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