Re: SRFI 43 vs. R7RS-small John Cowan 28 Oct 2015 14:20 UTC

Sven Hartrumpf scripsit:

> I would prefer 3 (or 4 if such a mechanism looks Schemish).

Since I have no such mechanism in mind, I can't say.  :-(

> IMHO, SRFI-43 is not as popular as it should be (compared to SRFI-1),
> One (small) reason might be the forced use of indices in some functions,
> which might suprise the list-oriented programmer.

Thanks for the quick response.

Indeed, vectors aren't as popular as they should be.  An advantage of having
the index argument is that you can look not only at the current element
but at its neighbors when deciding the result of map or similar procedures.

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