Re: [scheme-reports-wg2] SRFI 43 vs. R7RS-small John Cowan 04 Nov 2015 01:59 UTC

Faré scripsit:

> If it is called SRFI-43, it MUST follow the standard, and its bindings
> should shadow those of the environment into which it is imported; too
> bad if that conflicts with other useful functionality.

There's no dispute about that.  The question is in transforming SRFI 43
into an R7RS-large library, what changes (if any) should be made to it?

> I believe 3 is better than 2,


> However, it can be called "srfi-43-modified-for-r7rs", or something
> else that evokes srfi-43. Probably, someone should issue a new srfi
> that does just that.

I expect it may be called SRFI 133.  (You didn't know I was a closet

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