Re: Compatible support for multiple values in SRFI-45 Eli Barzilay 23 Mar 2013 10:27 UTC

An hour and a half ago, Mark H Weaver wrote:
> Here's another approach to supporting multiple values in SRFI-45, which
> will most likely be deployed in Guile 2.0.8.  In this approach, 'eager'
> remains a procedure, but one that accepts any number of arguments.  It
> is therefore used in the same way as 'values'.

Note that in our implementation the body of `delay', etc, can have
multiple expressions with an implicit begin.  While this is not in the
srfi, you're effectively closing off this as a future extension.  More
than that, if you go with the above, then you should probably consider
also making your `delay' and the rest work in the same way with
multiple subforms = multiple values, to maintain a uniform interface
where `eager' and `delay' have the same interface.

(And yes, IMO, this kind of extension is not too great since it breaks
this uniformity anyway.)

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