Re: SRFI-47 -- types and declarations. Bradd W. Szonye 12 Nov 2003 05:20 UTC

bear wrote:
> Rather than introducing some kind of explicitly typed array, I think
> we should have multidimensional arrays (a la SRFI-25) enhanced with
> optional type declarations that allow compilers aware of them to
> produce optimized code -- but still have arrays be conceptually
> untyped.

There are good reasons to declare types for semantic reasons, not just
for space efficiency. For example, a few C programs rely on the implicit
modular arithmetic that you get by declaring a variable as unsigned.

However, this SRFI as written doesn't permit that kind of thing anyway
-- there's no guarantee of modular arithmetic (indeed, there's no
guarantee that #Au32 et al. exist at all).
Bradd W. Szonye