Re: How many spaces a tab is worth redhog@xxxxxx 05 Dec 2003 00:06 UTC

Note that I _do_ agree with him on his technical point there is
definitely no need to change how a Scheme interpreter interprets input
when first started, before any special request (like a one to use this

I'm sorry for my harsh language - that could actually be taken as me
being a troll! But what got me to call his posting a troll was

   I'll just take it as a warning that there are idiots out there who
   would do this, and implementation of it as a sign from God that the
   implementor has in fact gone insane and that their scheme should be
   avoided in the future.

That is neither a statement of his feelings about if this is good or
bad, nor a technical argument. It is basically labeling me an idiot.

Files where all of the declarations are wrapped in some form, will of
course be parsed as they would traditionally - indentation-sensitivity
is only active _outside_ any parenthesis.

This discussion is however not so important, as no one (at least, I'm
not) is suggesting having this syntax turned on by default, so whethe
it would parse files unaware of it correct or not is not so much an

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