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comments from a scheme newby Daniel Goertzen 12 Oct 2004 21:42 UTC

I am a veteran C/C++/Python programmer but am just starting out with lisp
and scheme.  I've gone through a number of exercises and examples... all the
parenthesis don't bother me, but the indentation rules seem odd.  I've come
to the conclusion that I will need a scheme specific editor to write code of
any reasonable length, and the premier tool for this seems to be emacs.  The
PLT Scheme editor had promise, but lacked a lot of ordinary editor features
and I think would drive me nuts in the long run.

This where I think I-expressions are a great idea.  All my attempts to
understand emacs have ended in frustration.  I'll admit, I haven't invested
large amounts of concentration in learning emacs, but I shouldn't have to
learn a whole new editor just to program in scheme.  I-expressions would
allow me to use the many excellent "normal" editors out there and avoid
emacs all together.

Just thought I'd put my 2c in about why srfi 49 would be good for a