Some Minor Nits Dale Jordan (09 Sep 2004 07:09 UTC)
Re: Some Minor Nits Andre van Tonder (10 Sep 2004 00:31 UTC)

Re: Some Minor Nits Andre van Tonder 09 Sep 2004 20:51 UTC

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Dale Jordan wrote:

> The pattern for the vector case of if-symbol? seems to be missing sk and fk.

Thank you.  I'll correct this.

> You don't mention the anonymous selector and mutator syntax of previous
> versions posted on cls, but the implementation still supports them; I rather
> like them.

I was worried about overloading the record macro too much and thought I'd
simplify the specification.  But if anyone
else would like to have these back, please speak up.

> An elaboration of match-let[*] seems to be missing.

Thanks, yes.  I'll add it.