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Re: case-insensitive Aubrey Jaffer (08 Apr 2007 20:45 UTC)
case-insensitive Chongkai Zhu (08 Apr 2007 19:01 UTC)
Re: case-insensitive

Re: case-insensitive Aubrey Jaffer 08 Apr 2007 20:45 UTC

 | From: "Chongkai Zhu" <>
 | Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 13:01:24 -0600
 | Is a:floqXXb miswritten as a:florXXb in SRFI-63 (both the
 | Specification and Implementation part)?

No.  A:floQ*d are left reserved for future standardization of decimal
flonum formats:


    * The conversion rules for exact decimal flonums have yet to be
      determined. Wisdom in this area would come from
      experience. Lacking that, it is better to underspecify the
      behavior of decimal flonums than to make it wrong.

 | Besides, the SRFI is case-insensitive, which doesn't conform with
 | R6RS.

The implementation prototype-procedures are capitalized to match the
"Homogeneous Array Types" table and SRFI-58.  But the
prototype-procedures in the SRFI-63 specification are not.

If the prototype-procedures were capitalized to match the table, then
SRFI-63 would be consistent with both case-sensitive and
case-insensitive implementations.

SRFI-Editors: may I update SRFI-63 to make the capitalization