make-hash-table compatibility Shiro Kawai (28 Jan 2023 19:45 UTC)
Re: make-hash-table compatibility Blake Shaw (29 Jan 2023 13:11 UTC)

Re: make-hash-table compatibility Blake Shaw 29 Jan 2023 13:07 UTC

I would like to just chime in that subtle differences between srfi 69 &
125 have caused me to wind up in some difficult to debug situations in
my efforts to port srfi-166 to Guile.

Shiro Kawai <> writes:

> SRFI-125 is intended to be backward compatible to SRFI-69, but I just noticed make-hash-table
> isn't defined so; SRFI-69 allows equality-predicate to be omitted (defaults to equal?), while
> SRFI-125 does not.
> SRFI-125 does have an incompatibility in hash-table-hash-function and it is mentioned in "SRFI 69
> compatibility" section.  A note on make-hash-table may be added, to reduce surprise of the user.