hash-table-for-each parameter order Ken Dickey (26 Apr 2005 22:28 UTC)
Re: hash-table-for-each parameter order Marc Feeley (27 Apr 2005 14:45 UTC)

hash-table-for-each parameter order Ken Dickey 26 Apr 2005 21:30 UTC

> Procedure: hash-table-for-each hash-table proc

Tradtionally, one uses a table as the 1st parameter to functions manipulating

But tradtionally, for-each takes a proc and a collection
 (for-each proc list ...).

I would recommend using another name, perhaps
  table-walk table proc  ;; or hash-table-walk
  hash-table-for-each proc table

As the intent is clearly to treat the table as a collection.

Please don't confuse me on parameter order.  I get confused easily enough on
my own.  8^)