Finality approaching John David Stone (23 Aug 1999 21:00 UTC)
Re: Finality approaching sperber@xxxxxx (24 Aug 1999 06:52 UTC)

Re: Finality approaching sperber@xxxxxx 24 Aug 1999 06:52 UTC

>>>>> "John" == John David Stone <> writes:

John>         (1) Possibly one could find a better identifier than
John>             RECEIVE

I agree, but then you'd lose historical compatibility.

John>         (3) RECEIVE duplicates the functionality of MzScheme's LET-VALUES,
John> which has a slightly different syntax, but this duplication is not
John> particularly harmful and accommodates a community in which RECEIVE is
John> already an established usage.

LET-VALUES should really be a separate SRFI.  (That has its own
glitches, but so there.)

Yo, Matthias: prod, prod ...

John>         So I'm proposing to let SRFI 8 become final in its original form.

I think so, too.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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