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On 16-Nov-06, at 7:44 AM, felix winkelmann wrote:

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Here are the things I plan to change:

1) Change the title of the SRFI to "Optional positional and named

2) Remove overloading of "lambda" and "define", i.e. the forms will
    be called "lambda-opt" and "define-opt".  This will promote the
    use of optional parameters (users don't have to wait for their
    Scheme implementations to overload lambda and define).  I strongly
    recommend implementors to overload lambda and define so that
    somewhere down the line code can drop the "-opt".

3) In order to promote the use of named parameters I'm thinking of
    adding a "define-keywords" form to define keywords.  This will be
    used like this:

      (define-keywords foo: bar: baz:)

    On Scheme implementations which support SRFI 88 (Keyword objects)
    it will expand to


    On Scheme implementation which do not support SRFI 88 it will
    expand to

        (define foo: 'foo:)
        (define bar: 'bar:)
        (define baz: 'baz:))

    And (keyword? obj) will be #t if obj is a symbol ending with
    a colon.  All arguments of define-keywords must be "keywords".


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