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Re: Property Lists bear 04 Apr 2003 06:40 UTC

Re: Property Lists bear 04 Apr 2003 06:40 UTC

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Matthias Felleisen wrote:

>> >Constant access time and analysis via 0CFA/SBA. -- Matthias
>> Constant access time is satisfied by a hash table implementation.
>> Compile-time analysis is easily handled by constant propagation
>> through the hash function.
>> 			Bear
>Would you mind showing us the equations that govern the analysis of
>such property-lists-as-hashtables? I am also interested for very different
>-- Matthias

At this point I will have to admit to slight bafflement.  Constant
propagation during compilation would allow you to avoid running the
hash function at runtime if you are using named properties, in the
same cases where you don't have to compare the field names in a
record operation explicitly to a list of possibilities.  But I am
reasoning from the perspective of a compiler hacker rather than the
perspective of a mathematician.

What relationships would the equations you wish to see express?  Are
there similar equations which express similar ideas for named fields
in records?  And if so, can I look at them to see if they are
adaptable to the hash table implementation of property lists?