Re: Why are byte ports "ports" as such? Marc Feeley 14 Apr 2006 13:41 UTC

On 14-Apr-06, at 9:37 AM, Marc Feeley wrote:

>> Finally, this SRFI makes only trivial use of keyword objects, and
>> should be respecified to use symbols to reduce its dependencies.
> I'll add something in the preamble saying:
>    The tokens of the form ``foo:'' used in this document will be
> called ``keywords''.
>    On Scheme implementations supporting SRFI 88, these keywords
> correspond to the
>    keyword objects specified in that SRFI.  On Scheme
> implementations which do not
>    support SRFI 88, these keywords are symbols.

Sorry, I take that back, because in general it would require the
keywords to be quoted, i.e.

   (open-input-file (list 'path: "foo"
                          'char-encoding: 'cr-lf))