Re: Issues with Unicode John Cowan 10 May 2006 04:13 UTC

bear scripsit:

> Immutable strings - With Unicode and threads, it's the only viable
> implementation strategy.  [...]  Once you've done the legwork for
> immutable strings, providing string-set!  and similar is a very short
> further trip.

Part of the contract for string-set! is that it mutates its
first argument.

> Removing string-set! would be way too much of a flag-day for
> existing scheme code.

Can't have it both ways.  It will also be a flag day
to replace string-set! with string-update or some similar
functional equivalent.

> It would be far more sensible for a new dialect of lisp to
> just not have string-set! than for scheme to try to get rid
> of it.

So which is it, keep string-set! and change its contract?
What good is that?

> Regarding what ought to be legal as an identifier: I think
> control characters, whitespace (properties Zs, Zl, Zp) and
> delimiters (properties Ps, and Pc) ought not appear in
> identifiers.  I wouldn't be at all upset if a standard also
> forbade combining characters; after all, identifiers and
> symbol names don't need the full functionality of strings.

In tht cs thy cnnt be ntrl-lngg trms in an of the lrg set
of lnggs tht us cmbnng chrctrs fr vwls.

> I wouldn't be at all upset of a standard also forbade all
> characters not yet assigned as of Unicode 4.1.0, with
> the implication that this forbidding would be permanent
> across Scheme report revisions, even though later Unicode
> versions doubtless will come along.

Which amounts to saying that programmers who use some
languages get to use meaningful identifiers and others don't.
That's manifestly unfair.

John Cowan
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