Reference implementation's use of datum->syntax is not portable Derick Eddington 12 Aug 2008 07:39 UTC

The R6RS Libraries 12.6 says of datum->syntax: "Template-id must be a
template identifier and datum should be a datum value."

That does say "should", not "must", but to be portable, only a datum
value should be used, right?  The syntax object
#'define-record-type-helper in the below makes the list not be a datum
value.  This prevents the reference implementation from working in PLT
Scheme and Ikarus.

             ,type-name ,fields ,parent
             ,(if constructor-args
                  (list constructor-name constructor-args)
             ,accessor-fields ,mutator-fields)))))))

  (rnrs base)
  (err5rs records syntactic))
(define-record-type A #t #t a b)

PLT's error =>

zone/scheme/err5rs/records/syntactic.sls:119:10: datum->syntax:
expected argument of type <datum>; given
{#<syntax:/home/d/.plt-scheme/> A #(a b) #f make-A A? {{A-a a} {A-b b}} ()}

: Derick