Procedural vs. inspection, lists vs. vectors (2 of 3) John Cowan 11 Sep 2009 07:15 UTC

Given that an implementation of SRFI-99 can't really change its
implementation in any interesting way if one uses only the procedureal
and/or syntactic libraries but not the inspection one, I propose folding
the inspection library into the procedural one.  In order to support
rtd-{accessor,mutator} with non-constant arguments, one must have access
to the rtd object at runtime anyway, including its field list.  I think
the separation is an unnecessary carry-over from R6RS.

I add my voice to the call for using lists rather than vectors in the API
for make-rtd, rtd-constructor, rtd-field-names, and rtd-all-field-names,
of course without prejudice to the use of vectors or vector-like objects

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