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Re: Record printing (3 of 3) William D Clinger 01 Oct 2009 23:41 UTC

It is time to resolve this SRFI one way or another.

John Cowan wrote:
> I'd like to propose the addition of record printing to SRFI 99.

Both of John Cowan's proposed extensions are compatible
with the current draft of this SRFI and could be added
by implementations that support this SRFI.

Furthermore this SRFI is useful even in the absence of
those extensions.

It seems to me that adding the proposed extensions as
required parts of this SRFI would make this SRFI harder
to implement, which might work against its acceptance.
I think it's better to leave record printing out of
this SRFI, and to leave John's archived suggestion as
something for implementors of this SRFI to consider on
their own.  Alternatively, another SRFI could address
record printing as an addition to this or some other
SRFI, or as part of an entirely different proposal.