Dear Schemers,

As promised, has moved to its new web and email hosts.  The DNS changes may take a day or so to propagate completely, but the DNS servers I've checked are already up to date, and test messages have been delivered.

If you notice any problems, please send a note to

With this change, every SRFI, including draft, final, and withdrawn ones, has a separate Git repository that includes the history of changes to that SRFI's code and documents.  Links to the Git repos, hosted on Github, appear on each SRFI's home page.

If you'd rather not use Github to propose SRFIs or revisions to them, feel free to point the editors at alternate Git repos or to send us patch files.  (Patch files can be created using git format-patch -M origin/master or git send-email.)  If you're an SRFI author and would rather not use Git, either, just send updated files (or links to them) and I'll check in the changes.

Also, please keep the discussion of each SRFI on its mailing list.  For example, if you create a pull request, send all your comments to the mailing list.  While Github's tools can be convenient, we don't want to lose any of our history to Github.  I have spent a lot of time experimenting with their APIs, and while it is straightforward to download almost everything (e.g. comments, issues, and pull requests), we don't have code in place to do that automatically.

Finally, while the existing archives of SRFI mailing lists are still present on, new messages will be archived at  (Links are already in place from the old to the new.)  I'll be copying the existing archives into the new ones soon.  Mirrors on other archive hosts, e.g. Gmane, would be welcome, as would mirrors of the Git repos.

Thanks again to Michael Sperber and the other long-serving editors, to Matthew Flatt for making the DNS change, and to all SRFI authors and contributors.  Thanks, too, to Arne Babenhauserheide for detailed feedback on ways for people to contribute without using Github.


Arthur A. Gleckler
for the SRFI editors