I'd like to announce a simple policy for handling errata for SRFI documents:

Anyone who finds an error should report it to the SRFI's discussion mailing list. That way, it will be recorded publicly.

If the author agrees to a correction and it is straightforward, we'll revise the document itself.  See the example of SRFI 117.

Otherwise, or until the author has expressed an opinion, we add a link to an errata page to the Status section. See the example of SRFI 48. That way, the document remains unchanged, but everyone can easily find the correction.

In either case, a tag like errata-1 is added in the Git repository.

I hope this will help encourage everyone to report any errors they find in SRFI, no matter how old.  The idea is to make it easier for implementers and other readers to find the errata.  It's certainly easier than scouring the mailing lists.

Thanks, and happy new year.