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SRFI 169: Underscores in Numbers Arthur A. Gleckler 19 Apr 2019 04:05 UTC

Scheme Request for Implementation 169,
"Underscores in Numbers,"
by Lassi Kortela,
is now available for discussion.

Its draft and an archive of the ongoing discussion are available
at <>.

You can join the discussion of the draft by filling out the
subscription form on that page.

You can contribute a message to the discussion by sending it to

Here's the abstract:

Many people find that large numbers are easier to read when the
digits are broken into small groups.  For example the number
`1582439` might be easier to read if written as `1 582 439`.  This
applies to source code as it does to other writing.  We propose an
extension of Scheme syntax to allow the underscore as a digit
separator in numerical constants.


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