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SRFI 170: POSIX API Arthur A. Gleckler 06 May 2019 17:42 UTC

Scheme Request for Implementation 170,
by Olin Shivers (original author), John Cowan (editor and
is now available for discussion.

Its draft and an archive of the ongoing discussion are available
at <>.

You can join the discussion of the draft by filling out the
subscription form on that page.

You can contribute a message to the discussion by sending it to

Here's the abstract:

  The host environment is the set of resources, such as the
  filesystem, network and processes, that are managed by the
  operating system within which a Scheme program is executing.
  This SRFI specifies how the host environment can be accessed
  from within a Scheme program.  It does so by leveraging
  widespread support for POSIX, the Portable Operating System
  Interface standardized by the IEEE.  Not all the functions of
  this SRFI are available on all operating systems.


SRFI Editor