new Scheme Topics mailing list: Schemepersist Arthur A. Gleckler 10 Sep 2019 23:29 UTC

Several people have expressed interest
in having a mailing list specifically
for discussing Scheme systems for
persistent storage, e.g. key-value
stores, graph databases, SQL databases,

I hadn't gotten around to creating such
a list, but Harold Ancell encouraged me,
and even wrote an invitation message,
which was enough to get me going.
Here's Harold's invitation to the new
Schemepersist mailing list:

  I asked Arthur to create this
  Schemepersist mailing list in the
  spirit of Schemedoc and Schemeweb, as
  a place to discuss general issues of
  persistent storage for Scheme
  implementations, much of which is
  already being spread out in various
  relevant SRFI lists and Schemedoc and
  Schemeweb.  Its remit would include
  discussion of potential future SRFIs
  to draft, libraries existing, new, or
  improved, interface protocols we might
  want to support, how little we can
  trust today's software and hardware
  stacks, etc. etc.

  First up for myself is a SRFI to
  specify a general interface to
  existing persistence engines, probably
  relational, at roughly the level of
  for example Java Database Connectivity
  (JDBC).  It would not attempt any
  generalizing of SQL language
  specifics, but might add connection
  pooling to its remit.

  It should for example provide what's
  needed by John Cowan's in-process
  SQLite-focused "SRFI to provide a
  basic relational table capability to
  Scheme programs":
  To make it sane and to the point, to
  be generally useful, it'll need two or
  more libraries that it can support on
  top of it.

  Thanks for joining and contributing to
  the discussion!

Thank you, Harold.

If you'd like to join the discussion,
please use the form at the bottom of the
newly revised SRFI subscriptions page:


I'm looking forward to many fruitful


SRFI Editor