Retiring SRFI Michael Sperber 15 Mar 2015 16:20 UTC

Dear Schemers,

the SRFI process has been running continuously since 1998.  A number of
editors have contributed to its design and ensured its operation.  Its
inaugural editors Shriram Krishnamurthi and Dave Mason, as well as
sucessors David Rush, Francisco Solsona, David Van Horn, and Donovan
Kolbly have worked hard on making the site into something useful.  I'm
very grateful for their service and encouragement over the years.

For many years now, has been hosted on my personal
root server - the web server as well as the mailing lists, which I still
moderate a few times a week.  (You can imagine that they receive a
tremendous amount of SPAM.)  I've also done most of the editorial work
in recent years.

Now, I haven't really been a member of the Scheme community for a while
now, but the work on is still a significant drain on
my time.  (You can all see the crusty design of the site; the system
infrastructure is similarly crusty and fragile and requires periodical
upkeep.)  I feel no longer able to invest the time required to keep running.

This is to announce that I'll be retiring from maintaining I'll accept new SRFI's until July 1, 2015, then I'll
continue operating the site until all outstanding draft SRFIs are either
finalized or withdrawn.  At that time, I'll turn into
a static archival website and turn off its mailing list.

If anybody would like to take over, please let me
know.  I'd be happy to assist in the transition to another home.

Mike Sperber