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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ACM SIGPLAN 2005 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming Michael Sperber 27 Jul 2005 19:42 UTC

IMPORTANT NOTE: The early registration deadline for the the workshop
                is Friday, July 29.  Reserve your seat now!


    ACM SIGPLAN 2005 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming

	  	          Tallinn, Estonia
                         24 September 2005

        The workshop will be held in conjunction with ICFP 2005.

Important dates

Early registration deadline  July 29, 2005
Late registration deadline   September 2, 2005
Workshop                     September 24, 2005

Registration is available at:

Preliminary Program


  Type Classes Without Types
  Ronald Garcia and Andrew Lumsdaine

  Eager Comprehensions in Scheme: The design of SRFI-42
  Sebastian Egner

  Abstraction and Performance from Explicit Monadic Reflection
  Jonathan Sobel, Erik Hilsdale, R. Kent Dybvig, Daniel P. Friedman

  An Operational Semantics for R5RS Scheme
  Jacob Matthews and Robert Bruce Findler

  Commander S - The shell as a browser
  Martin Gasbichler and Eric Knauel

  Ubiquitous Mails
  Erick Gallesio and Manuel Serrano

  Implementing a Bibliography Processor in Scheme
  Jean-Michel Hufflen

  The Marriage of MrMathematica and MzScheme
  Chongkai Zhu

  ACT Parameterization Framework
  Alan Pavicic and Niksa Bosnic

  Florian Loitsch

  Open session


The 2005 Scheme Workshop provides a forum for discussing experience
with and future development of the Scheme programming language. The
scope of the workshop includes all aspects of the design,
implementation, theory, and application of Scheme. Past workshops have
been held in Snowbird (2004), Boston (2003), Pittsburgh (2002), Florence
(2001), and Montréal (2000). We encourage everyone interested in
Scheme to participate.

We invited submissions in the following categories:

Technical papers

  Papers on all technical aspects of the Scheme programming language,
  including language design, implementation, theory, and tools.

Practice and experience

  Papers about using Scheme for practical applications and large

Proposals for language changes, extensions and libraries

  Papers containing proposals for changes in the language, language
  extensions, and libraries, including SRFIs past, present and future.
  Where applicable, the content of such a paper should be submitted as
  a SRFI draft, if that isn't already the case.

Scheme pearls

  Papers about elegant, instructive or surprising Scheme programs.


  Papers about uses of Scheme in all aspects of education.

System demonstrations

  Proposals for demonstrations of Scheme systems or applications
  written in Scheme.


  Program committee

  J. Michael Ashley (co-chair) (Beckman Coulter, Inc.)
  Martin Gasbichler            (University of Tübingen)
  Jonathan Rees                (Millennium Pharmaceuticals)
  Dorai Sitaram                (Verizon)
  Jonathan Sobel               (SAS Institute)
  Michael Sperber (co-chair)   (DeinProgramm)