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New SRFI editors Michael Sperber 06 Sep 2005 19:25 UTC

Dear Schemers,

David Rush is stepping down as a SRFI editor.  He's served the SRFI
process for more than three years, and we're grateful for all of the
work he has done---which, as you all know, isn't one that receives a
lot of public attention or gratitude.  Thanks, David!

At the same time, Donovan Kolbly is taking his place.  The rest of us
are very happy that he stepped in, and we're looking forward to
working with him.

Now seems to be an especially exciting time for the SRFI process---the
rate of new drafts has steadily been going up, as has the amount of
discussion.  Keep it up!

Mike Sperber
(for the SRFI editors)