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Last call for comments on SRFI 130: Cursor-based string library Arthur A. Gleckler 14 May 2016 16:09 UTC

John Cowan, author of SRFI 130, Cursor-based string library,
has asked me to announce "last call" for this SRFI.  He
believes that SRFI 130 is ready for finalization, but would
like to give reviewers one last chance to submit corrections
and feedback before we finalize it.


If you're interested in this SRFI, please give your feedback
via the SRFI 130 mailing list before 21 May 2016.  After
that, assuming that no major revisions are required, we will
declare it final.

This "last call" period is an experimental addition to the
SRFI process.  I welcome your feedback on the idea.  (Please
send that feedback to srfi-editors at


SRFI Editor