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Errata (#2) for SRFI 126, R6RS-based hashtables Arthur A. Gleckler 21 May 2016 15:23 UTC

I've just published fixes for errata for SRFI 126 that were
submitted by Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer, the author.  I
have incorporated them into the public document and added a
note to the Status section.

Here's Taylan's note from the pull request:

  The first commit just fixes the sample implementations and
  test suite according to corrigendum #1.

  The second commit fixes the specified semantics of
  hash-salt, which was already different (correct) in the
  sample implementation. This correction was noted much
  earlier on the ML, before I became aware of the errata

Here are the details from the pull request:

  Commit Summary

  * Fix hash-salt semantics.
  * Fix sample implementation and test suite according to

  File Changes

  * M srfi-126.html (2)
  * M (14)
  * M srfi/126.body.scm (2)
  * M srfi/126.sld (2)
  * M srfi/:126.sls (2)
  * M srfi/srfi-126.scm (2)
  * M test-suite.body.scm (13)
  * M test-suite.r6rs.sps (13)
  * M test-suite.r7rs.scm (13)

— SRFI Editor