Errata for SRFI 133: Vector Library (R7RS-compatible) Arthur A. Gleckler 11 Aug 2016 02:17 UTC

I've just published fixes for errata for SRFI 133
contributed by Jeremy Steward.  They have been approved by
John Cowan, the author, so I have incorporated them into the
public document and added a note to the Status section.

The diffs can be found here:


Here is the description Jeremy included with the change:

  Jeremy Steward <> writes:

  | Another docs fix, this time for SRFI-133.  You can see the
  | actual change on lines 1443 and 1453 of srfi-133.html.
  | Again, my editor also removes trailing whitespace
  | automatically, which is what the rest of the changes here
  | represent.

  | Commit Summary
  | * Points release-info to my fork
  | * Fixes example typo in html docs
  | File Changes
  | * M srfi-133.html (16)
  | * M srfi-133.release-info (2)

  | I should comment that the change in particular was a
  | leftover (lambda in both examples. If you copy and paste
  | the examples as they were, you would not get the results
  | (in fact you get an error, as there are not enough
  | closing parentheses as there are opening
  | parens). Anyways, as it was a minor doc fix I applied
  | it, now showing the correct example to get the listed
  | results.

  | And another typo near the end? This one I'm not sure
  | of. Seems like "vec" was just placed there randomly. Is
  | something missing here?

— SRFI Editor