On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 11:38 AM Ciprian Dorin Craciun <xxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:
In my view, if you just want to "index" the existing body of SRFI
documents, then adding HTML classes to all the existing documents is
more work than taking one of the already "crawled" lists (by you, by
me, or by others), and just double-checking them to make sure they are
"complete" and "correct".

That would be a fair approach.  We would have to agree on the format in which the index was stored, e.g. Ciprian's suggested format, so that more than one tool could make use of that data.
And this is also why the XHTML approach won't be to cumbersome.  We
can just "translate" even the HTML ones in XHTML making sure they are

I just checked, and the excellent tool Pandoc does indeed support conversion from HTML to XHTML, so that process could be automated.
Thus my proposal would be the following:
* we come-up with some "document format";  (regardless at this moment
what it is;)
* those editors that want to use this format can do so;
* for those editors that prefer HTML / LaTeX or something else, we
just take the final version of their SRFI, and manually convert it; 

I'm guessing that you mean "authors," not "editors," above.

That sounds like a reasonable plan.  Would you and Lassi be willing to prepare a proposal together and submit it to <srfi-discuss> for public discussion?