I think we can take it for granted that the people working on a SRFI are listed as authors in the SRFI.   When anyone makes a substantial contribution, especially the implementation, I always add them to the author list.  What we need is a list of what people are working on that has not yet become a SRFI.

Note that you can submit a SRFI for draft publication that's reasonably complete, even if not totally final, *before* you submit code.  This allows people to comment on it before you have committed the work to implement and test the library described in the SRFI.  Of course, if you are a code-first-specify-after sort of person, that won't help you any.

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Le dim. 6 oct. 2019 à 21:39, Lassi Kortela <xxxxxx@lassi.io> a écrit :
> > Or how about a catch all pre-SRFI list, since srfi-discuss is
> > officially a "mailing list for general discussion of the SRFI
> > process", but is the least worst place for pre-SRFI discussions?
> Would it work to have a really simple spreadsheet of people, and for
> each person a list of what they are working on currently?

I am working on SRFI-167 (okvs), SRFI-168 (nstore) and SRFI-173 (hooks).
They are near finalization!

I re-started a R7RS-large port for Chez Scheme at:


It will have documentation and continuous integration and hopefully
will be compatible with https://akkuscm.org/. This time, I use vanilla
Chez Scheme. That is, it works with the package shipped by debian,
ubuntu, et al.

I did some work with scheme-in-the-browser, see:


I do not plan to continue on this path. Instead, I think I will work
on CLI and TUI.
I have code somewhere I need to make it compatible with John pre-SRFI:


I planned to write a book about SRFI-167 et al. [1][2] instead I will
rework that
to match the cookbook format (500LOLS).

[1] https://github.com/scheme-live/around-ordered-key-value-stores/
[2] https://hyper.dev/around.20190624v1.pdf

I will continue to work on peer-to-peer network, on schemecomm mailling list.

If nobody shows up for the static blog generator competition [3] I
will try (!) to
put together something for schemepersist website.

[3] https://git.sr.ht/~schemers/competition-2019-static-blog-generator

I also wrote I was working on search engine for scheme. That would be
very great,
but I won't be able to provide a reliable service in the near term. I
will continue to work
it tho.

I also host: https://scheme-lang.com