I find #scheme and the specialized groups #guile, #chicken, and #racket (all on Freenode), as well as the very general group ##lisp (for all the Lisps) to be very good places to get input on a design question quickly, especially when you are in doubt between two equally good-looking options and are feeling like Buridan's ass.  If you don't want to bother with an IRC client, go to  https://webchat.freenode.net/ and log in with a nick and password of your choice.  I'd start in #scheme and branch out.

Tell 'em jcowan sent you.

To reiterate:  srfi-discuss is supposed to be for discussion of SRFI *process* issues.  When you have a new topic, get a new mailing list from Art.

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Values of beeta will give rise to dom!
(5th/6th edition 'mv' said this if you tried to rename '.' or
'..' entries; see http://9p.io/who/dmr/odd.html)