On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 1:00 AM Lassi Kortela <xxxxxx@lassi.io> wrote:
How does everyone feel about the pace of discussion right now? I could
send some more SRFIs before the end of the year but if people are
overloaded or weary with the current pace, I can postpone them.

As SRFI editor, I feel bound to accept any SRFI offered, as long as it meets the requirements.  That's my interpretation of the SRFI process document.  So if you send a new SRFI that meets the requirements, I will publish it and announce it.

Nevertheless, pacing is important.  I do sometimes worry about the level of traffic on the SRFI mailing lists, especially for people who have chosen to subscribe to srfi-auto-subscribe.  To have good discussion on deeply technical topics, we need to give reviewers breathing space.  I won't enforce that, but I will encourage it.

Right now there are eleven SRFIs in draft status, but two will almost certainly be finalized soon.  That leaves eleven, most of which are making good progress, but one of which seems to be stuck.  (I'm working on it.)  Among those, three are yours.  There's no rule that limits how many an author can have in draft status at one time, but it would be great to bring some or all of those to finalization (or withdrawal) without introducing more.

The most important topic would be library lookup and packaging which I
think is the biggest impediment to portable and convenient Scheme usage
right now. A `#! /usr/bin/env scheme-script` that supports all Scheme
implementations as well as the library/packaging standard would also be
pertinent. As with keywords, a long and involved discussion is needed.

Both sound like good ideas.  The library/packaging standard, however, is likely to generate a lot of discussion, and is probably not yet at the point where a proposal will achieve consensus without a lot of revision.  According to the SRFI process document, that means that it's probably not yet ready for SRFI draft status.  I'm happy to create a mailing list for interested parties to use to talk about the topic, assuming that people are interested.  I don't want to create it if it will be an empty room, though.

So please feel free to submit any SRFI you like, but thank you very much for being careful with people's time.