On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 10:44 AM Lassi Kortela <xxxxxx@lassi.io> wrote:
> I have been working on a formal R7RS-Large Red document, which is
> intended to be a precise specification of the libraries included in
> the Red Edition. I have taken the various SRFIs, converted them to
> LaTeX, and am in the process of trying to make everything consistent.

Thank you very much for this work.

There was a long discussion on the srfi-discuss list last year about
converting all of the SRFI documents into a common HTML structure. (We
chose to stick with HTML since that's what's always been used, and there
was no consensus on what other format would be favored.)

If you have some good ideas about what kind of HTML structure or markup
would make an aggregation project such as yours easier, they would be
very useful.

>    * UNRESOLVED: the original SRFIs each contain a copyright notice of
>      the form “Copyright © 20xx, YYY. All rights reserved.”

As the others said, don't worry. Both the letter and the spirit of the
MIT license encourage unlimited distribution with or without modifications.

According to the license, you do have to include its full text (the 3
paragraphs) at the end of your document. What to do about the "Copyright
(c) <person> <year>" lines is a good question. You can probably collect
them all and stack them above the 3 paragraphs:

Copyright © Person A (year A)
Copyright © Person B (year B)
Copyright © Person C (year C)
Copyright © Person D (year D)

Permission is hereby granted, etc...