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Comprehensive tests: 4 Schemes, 4 SRFIs Lassi Kortela 26 Jan 2020 23:22 UTC

Using SRFI 64 syntax to describe the test suites and a simple converter
to generate test files tailored to each Scheme implementation is proving
to be a sound approach.

I gathered some tests that were already written using SRFI 64, as well
as some written using the Chicken/Chibi test library which I converted
to SRFI 64 syntax. Both approaches are easy enough and it's nice that
the tests look uniform across files.

Code here: <>

Contributions very welcome. I'll be helping out with porting some SRFIs
to Gambit soon and will commit the tests to this repo as well.

Also the license for many tests is unclear. I noted in TODO comments
where I found each test suite.