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Interim Red edition update Vincent Manis (17 Feb 2020 22:36 UTC)
Re: Interim Red edition update John Cowan (17 Feb 2020 23:06 UTC)

Interim Red edition update Vincent Manis 17 Feb 2020 22:36 UTC

Having heard nothing on the other issues I raised in my email of Feb
11,  lI propose to adopt the following policies.

1) [Copyright] Resolved, as per feedback.

2) [Rationales] Left as-is for the moment.

3) [Procedure indexes in each SRFI] Removed, will be replaced by a
global index at the end.

4) [Type signatures] Unchanged for the moment, pending a consensus, if
one is possible, on a consistent notation.

5) [Issues] These will be removed. Adoption into R7RS-Red signifies that
all issues have either been addressed or will forever be ignored.

6)[Implementation information] This will all be removed, as this
document is a set of library specifications. If someone wants to collate
the implementation material into a separate document, they may certainly
do so!

7) [ALGOL-60* format] Left open, that can certainly be done with some
work (I'm dead set against overfull/underfull boxes) later.

Unless I see objections to this, I plan to post for comment a Draft
Interim R7RS-Red in a few days.

*I was once informed, heatedly, by an Editor of the ALGOL-68 report that
the correct spelling is `ALGOL' (block or small caps), never `Algol'.

-- vincent