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Splitting srfi-discuss John Cowan (14 Jun 2020 20:38 UTC)
Re: Splitting srfi-discuss Arthur A. Gleckler (14 Jun 2020 20:51 UTC)
Re: Splitting srfi-discuss Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen (14 Jun 2020 21:01 UTC)

Re: Splitting srfi-discuss Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen 14 Jun 2020 21:01 UTC

Am So., 14. Juni 2020 um 22:51 Uhr schrieb Arthur A. Gleckler

> I'm most interested in hearing from people who are unhappy with the additional traffic on srfi-discuss and would like some of the discussion to be taken elsewhere.  I watch our subscription and unsubscription activity carefully, and I don't want anyone to be driven away by too-high traffic.  I'm happy to set up a new mailing list if it won't be unused, and I can even leave it off of srfi-auto-subscribe, as I've done for schemedoc, etc.

Actually, I don't care. (But I have noticed that discussions have
sometimes been rather chaotic when it comes to lists. Sometimes, we
discuss topics for SRFI X on the mailing list of SRFI Y because of the
organic, dynamic nature of a discussion.)