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Scheme registry demo Lassi Kortela (05 Aug 2020 09:45 UTC)
Re: Scheme registry demo Marc Nieper-Wi├čkirchen (05 Aug 2020 11:27 UTC)
Reader directives Lassi Kortela (05 Aug 2020 15:35 UTC)
Re: Reader directives John Cowan (05 Aug 2020 17:46 UTC)
Re: Reader directives Lassi Kortela (06 Aug 2020 19:17 UTC)
Re: Reader directives Marc Nieper-Wi├čkirchen (06 Aug 2020 19:25 UTC)

Reader directives Lassi Kortela 05 Aug 2020 15:35 UTC

> Is everything what you call "reader directive" actually a reader directive?

No, you're right. The title should be something else. Any suggestions?

We could just title it "#! syntax" or "Hash-bang syntax", but it might
be nice to group other prefixes besides "#!" together in the same table.

> For example, "#!eof" seems to be a datum syntax used by some Scheme,
> not a reader directive.

True. #!eof doesn't change the reader's settings in any way. Neither do
#!optional and the like.