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Settling the singular vs plural library names issue Lassi Kortela (02 Nov 2021 19:12 UTC)
Re: [scheme-reports-wg2] Settling the singular vs plural library names issue Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide (02 Nov 2021 23:08 UTC)
Library name aesthetics Lassi Kortela (03 Nov 2021 07:55 UTC)
Re: [scheme-reports-wg2] Library name aesthetics Linas Vepstas (03 Nov 2021 17:47 UTC)

Re: [scheme-reports-wg2] Settling the singular vs plural library names issue Dr. Arne Babenhauserheide 02 Nov 2021 22:59 UTC
"Arthur A. Gleckler" <> writes:

> Good point.  If we were voting, I would vote for singular and short, wherever possible.

Are there other libraries — those from other schemes?

The libraries in Guile are the following (with ice-9 being the canonical
prefix for guile-specifics):

ice-9 and-let-star
ice-9 arrays
ice-9 atomic
ice-9 binary-ports
ice-9 boot-9
ice-9 buffered-input
ice-9 calling
ice-9 command-line
ice-9 common-list
ice-9 compile-psyntax
ice-9 control
ice-9 copy-tree
ice-9 curried-definitions
ice-9 deprecated
ice-9 documentation
ice-9 eval
ice-9 eval-string
ice-9 exceptions
ice-9 expect
ice-9 fdes-finalizers
ice-9 format
ice-9 ftw
ice-9 futures
ice-9 gap-buffer
ice-9 getopt-long
ice-9 hash-table
ice-9 hcons
ice-9 history
ice-9 i18n
ice-9 iconv
ice-9 lineio
ice-9 list
ice-9 local-eval
ice-9 ls
ice-9 match
ice-9 match.upstream
ice-9 networking
ice-9 null
ice-9 occam-channel
ice-9 optargs
ice-9 peg
ice-9 peg cache
ice-9 peg codegen
ice-9 peg simplify-tree
ice-9 peg string-peg
ice-9 peg using-parsers
ice-9 poe
ice-9 poll
ice-9 popen
ice-9 ports
ice-9 posix
ice-9 pretty-print
ice-9 psyntax
ice-9 psyntax-pp
ice-9 q
ice-9 quasisyntax
ice-9 r5rs
ice-9 r6rs-libraries
ice-9 r7rs-libraries
ice-9 rdelim
ice-9 read
ice-9 receive
ice-9 regex
ice-9 runq
ice-9 rw
ice-9 safe
ice-9 safe-r5rs
ice-9 sandbox
ice-9 save-stack
ice-9 serialize
ice-9 session
ice-9 slib
ice-9 stack-catch
ice-9 streams
ice-9 string-fun
ice-9 suspendable-ports
ice-9 test
ice-9 textual-ports
ice-9 threads
ice-9 time
ice-9 top-repl
ice-9 unicode
ice-9 vlist
ice-9 weak-vector

language brainfuck compile-scheme
language brainfuck compile-tree-il
language brainfuck parse
language brainfuck spec
language bytecode
language bytecode spec
language cps
language cps closure-conversion
language cps compile-bytecode
language cps compile-js
language cps contification
language cps cse
language cps dce
language cps devirtualize-integers
language cps dump
language cps effects-analysis
language cps elide-arity-checks
language cps graphs
language cps intmap
language cps intset
language cps licm
language cps loop-instrumentation
language cps optimize
language cps peel-loops
language cps prune-top-level-scopes
language cps reify-primitives
language cps renumber
language cps rotate-loops
language cps self-references
language cps simplify
language cps slot-allocation
language cps spec
language cps specialize-numbers
language cps specialize-primcalls
language cps split-rec
language cps switch
language cps type-checks
language cps type-fold
language cps types
language cps utils
language cps verify
language cps with-cps
language ecmascript array
language ecmascript base
language ecmascript compile-tree-il
language ecmascript function
language ecmascript impl
language ecmascript parse
language ecmascript spec
language ecmascript tokenize
language elisp bindings
language elisp compile-tree-il
language elisp falias
language elisp lexer
language elisp parser
language elisp runtime
language elisp runtime function-slot
language elisp runtime value-slot
language elisp spec
language javascript
language javascript simplify
language javascript spec
language js-il
language js-il compile-javascript
language js-il inlining
language js-il spec
language scheme compile-tree-il
language scheme decompile-tree-il
language scheme spec
language tree-il
language tree-il analyze
language tree-il compile-bytecode
language tree-il compile-cps
language tree-il cps-primitives
language tree-il debug
language tree-il effects
language tree-il eta-expand
language tree-il fix-letrec
language tree-il inlinable-exports
language tree-il letrectify
language tree-il optimize
language tree-il peval
language tree-il primitives
language tree-il resolve-free-vars
language tree-il spec
language value spec

oop goops
oop goops accessors
oop goops active-slot
oop goops composite-slot
oop goops describe
oop goops internal
oop goops save
oop goops simple
oop goops stklos

rnrs arithmetic bitwise
rnrs arithmetic fixnums
rnrs arithmetic flonums
rnrs base
rnrs bytevectors
rnrs conditions
rnrs control
rnrs enums
rnrs eval
rnrs exceptions
rnrs files
rnrs hashtables
rnrs io ports
rnrs io simple
rnrs lists
rnrs mutable-pairs
rnrs mutable-strings
rnrs programs
rnrs r5rs
rnrs records inspection
rnrs records procedural
rnrs records syntactic
rnrs sorting
rnrs syntax-case
rnrs unicode

scheme base
scheme case-lambda
scheme char
scheme complex
scheme cxr
scheme eval
scheme file
scheme inexact
scheme lazy
scheme load
scheme process-context
scheme r5rs
scheme read
scheme repl
scheme time
scheme write

scripts api-diff
scripts autofrisk
scripts compile
scripts disassemble
scripts display-commentary
scripts doc-snarf
scripts frisk
scripts generate-autoload
scripts help
scripts jslink
scripts lint
scripts list
scripts punify
scripts read-rfc822
scripts read-scheme-source
scripts read-text-outline
scripts scan-api
scripts snarf-check-and-output-texi
scripts snarf-guile-m4-docs
scripts summarize-guile-TODO
scripts use2dot

srfi srfi-1
srfi srfi-10
srfi srfi-11
srfi srfi-111
srfi srfi-13
srfi srfi-14
srfi srfi-16
srfi srfi-17
srfi srfi-171
srfi srfi-171 gnu
srfi srfi-171 meta
srfi srfi-18
srfi srfi-19
srfi srfi-2
srfi srfi-26
srfi srfi-27
srfi srfi-28
srfi srfi-31
srfi srfi-34
srfi srfi-35
srfi srfi-37
srfi srfi-38
srfi srfi-39
srfi srfi-4
srfi srfi-41
srfi srfi-42
srfi srfi-42 ec
srfi srfi-43
srfi srfi-45
srfi srfi-4 gnu
srfi srfi-6
srfi srfi-60
srfi srfi-64
srfi srfi-64 testing
srfi srfi-67
srfi srfi-67 compare
srfi srfi-69
srfi srfi-71
srfi srfi-8
srfi srfi-88
srfi srfi-9
srfi srfi-98
srfi srfi-9 gnu

sxml apply-templates
sxml fold
sxml match
sxml simple
sxml ssax
sxml ssax input-parse
sxml transform
sxml upstream assert
sxml upstream input-parse
sxml upstream SSAX
sxml upstream SXML-tree-trans
sxml upstream SXPath-old
sxml xpath

system base ck
system base compile
system base lalr
system base lalr.upstream
system base language
system base message
system base optimize
system base pmatch
system base syntax
system base target
system base types
system base types internal
system foreign
system foreign-library
system foreign-object
system repl command
system repl common
system repl coop-server
system repl debug
system repl describe
system repl error-handling
system repl repl
system repl server
system syntax
system vm assembler
system vm coverage
system vm debug
system vm disassembler
system vm dwarf
system vm elf
system vm frame
system vm inspect
system vm linker
system vm loader
system vm program
system vm trace
system vm traps
system vm trap-state
system vm vm
system xref

texinfo docbook
texinfo html
texinfo indexing
texinfo plain-text
texinfo reflection
texinfo serialize
texinfo string-utils

web client
web http
web request
web response
web server
web server http
web uri

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