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A request to future SRFI authors Daphne Preston-Kendal (03 Nov 2023 21:00 UTC)
Re: A request to future SRFI authors Arthur A. Gleckler (03 Nov 2023 22:20 UTC)

A request to future SRFI authors Daphne Preston-Kendal 03 Nov 2023 21:00 UTC

The RnRS reports have traditionally included a section crediting all individuals by name who contributed in some way to the report.

Since the process for R7RS Large is based on SRFIs, and many SRFIs develop in response to comments on the SRFI mailing lists, this implies that, when a SRFI is incorporated into R7RS Large, the names of those who contributed to that SRFI by submitting suggestions and criticism should ultimately end up in the acknowledgements section of the R7RS Large as well.

It would make compiling these acknowledgements for the R7RS spec easier if SRFIs whose authors want their proposal to be considered for R7RS Large were to include the names of mailing list correspondents in their own acknowledgements sections.

(In my own SRFIs I tend to summarize each person’s individual contribution — this is not necessary: just a list of names would make my task easier.)


Daphne Preston-Kendal