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Proposal: retiring the phrase ‘it is an error’ Daphne Preston-Kendal 11 Nov 2023 21:30 UTC

Dear SRFI editors, authors, and writers:

I have proposed to retire the phrase ‘it is an error’ in R7RS Large (which in previous reports refers to undefined behaviour, not to a situation where an error is actually guaranteed to be raised as an exception or similar). The phrase is confusing even to many experienced Schemers. Since the same terminology is used in SRFIs, I am also posting the proposal here as this choice may have an implicit knock-on effect on future SRFIs submitted as part of the the R7RS Large process.


If you don’t have a Codeberg account or don’t want to sign up for one, you can reply here and I’ll try to keep the thread here in sync with the one there.


Daphne Preston-Kendal